3 Tips to Make Your Business a Success With e-Signature Software

As a business owner, e-signature software has many advantages, including legality, document automation, and custom branding. To make the most of this technology, you should consider the following 3 tips. Read them and make a wise decision! You’ll have no trouble implementing e signature online software into your business workflow. However, you should ensure that you choose the right one to maximize its benefits.

Document automation

Electronic signature software can allow you to sign forms and documents electronically using your finger or stylus. These tools allow you to store and send documents electronically, and you can also use them to archive documents. You can purchase electronic signature software per document, or you can pay an annual subscription fee based on the number of signatures you need. Some programs allow you to sign multiple documents simultaneously, which can be especially helpful if your business has a large number of clients.

eSign software makes it easier to automate your document approval workflow. Instead of manually creating spreadsheets and adding a signature step, you can create workflows that send customized emails to customers as soon as the document is ready to be signed. These emails can even include additional instructions or gentle reminders. Paid plans can also include a delay step. Zaps automatically update deals when a document is signed, freeing up your time for other tasks.

Custom branding

The eSignature software allows businesses to secure their eSignature workflows, create online fillable forms, and track their documents. Using it, your business can even add dual-factor authentication so that recipients must prove their identity before opening the contract or completing the form. Its iOS and Android apps make it easy to manage documents on the go.

In addition to custom branding, eSignature software vendors can also help businesses establish credibility among clients. The client’s trust in the brand and judgment of the business is enhanced when the electronic signature process is presented in the company’s colors and branding. Today, e-signature solutions have become the standard for many businesses, and incorporating custom branding into the eSignature process can demonstrate that a company is up-to-date with its technology and strives to please its clients. The software should also blend seamlessly with other communications, creating a consistent tone and visual experience for all parties.

Streamlining HR services

Streamlining HR services with e-Signatures software is an excellent way to cut costs and increase productivity. Documents are automatically sent via e-Signatures, allowing both parties to sign with a single click. In addition, eSignature software eliminates the need for scanning and printing documents, freeing up time for more important tasks. And with the cost of administrative costs rising each year, time and money are not easy to come by. HR departments have to keep rising costs in mind and this automation could save them up to 25-30%.

Human resources departments are increasingly becoming paperless, which makes e-Signatures an excellent way to streamline processes. The HR department is responsible for handling a vast amount of confidential information and must ensure the security of these documents. This requires safe, secure, and legal binding processes. Electronic signatures not only improve the efficiency of HR departments, but they reinforce the relationship between an organization and its employees.

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