How to Calculate Hours and Minutes Worked

Figuring out how much time your employees have worked can be a tedious process. It’s important to get the calculations right so that you are able to pay your employees accurately and on time. This article will discuss how to calculate hours and minutes worked by your employees in an efficient, accurate way.

Manual Calculation Method

The simplest method of calculating hours and minutes worked is by using a manual calculation. All you need is a pencil, paper, and a calculator if needed. To start, simply take the total amount of hours that an employee has worked in a given week (or two weeks). You can find this information either by asking the employee directly or searching through their timesheets. Once you have the total number of hours, divide it by 60 to convert it into minutes. For example, if an employee has worked 32 hours in one week, divide 32 by 60 which gives you 0.53 hours or 53 minutes.

Formula Calculation Method

Another method for calculating hours and minutes worked is by using a formula calculation in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. This method can come in handy if you have multiple employees whose time needs to be calculated all at once. To start with this method, create two columns on your spreadsheet; one for the total number of hours worked (column A) and the other for the result (column B). In column B, insert the following formula: =A2*60 which will multiply the number of hours worked by 60 to give you the total amount of minutes worked in column B. Continue inserting this formula into each row of column B until all employees’ time has been calculated in minutes instead of just hours. 

Time Card Calculator Method

Finally, there are some online tools that can help calculate employee’s work hours quickly and accurately such as a Time Card Calculator or Time Sheet Calculator which provide users with an easy-to-use interface that allows them to input their desired data and then receive their results instantly without having to do any manual calculations themselves. These kinds of calculators are great for employers who want to save time when calculating their employees’ work schedules but still need accurate results without any errors due to manual calculations being incorrect or not precise enough. 


Calculating employee’s work hours properly is essential for businesses as it ensures accurate payment for their staff members on time every pay period without any discrepancies or errors occurring due to incorrect calculations from manual methods or formulas used in spreadsheets like Excel or Google sheets. With more businesses now moving towards digital solutions such as Time Card Calculators or Time Sheet Calculators, it’s become easier than ever before for employers to calculate their staff’s working hours quickly and accurately – ensuring they receive exactly what they’re owed each pay period without any problems arising due unintended mistakes made while attempting manual calculations methods such as those discussed above!

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