mock designer Benefits and Why They Are Necessary

In this era of digital design, most of the projects are being handled by software, this helps to reduce the time and cost of designing a new product or an updated version; designers who have the digital skills be it Sketching or Photoshop can handle these projects with ease, besides just designing a new product, the mock design also comes in handy when you need to test your designs before releasing them. 


Designers are not only those who can create mock-up designs; this also fosters their capacity for logical thought and problem-solving, you can better comprehend how your clients would use your product in everyday settings by using a mock designer; the advantages of using a mock designer much outweigh the drawbacks because they are crucial to ensuring that your designs are user-friendly and user-centered from the outset.


What is a Mockup Design?


Mockups are mockups, it differs from a mock-up design; a mockup is a model of a design that is used to test a product’s appearance and features, you can use these mockups if you’re an industrial designer, product designer, visual designer, or interaction designer to make sure your designs function properly in real-world situations, and a product mockup is developed to assist designers in comprehending various usage scenarios for their design- the following situations call for the employment of mockups: 


  • Being aware of how your product operates. 
  • Experiment with various color schemes and design layouts. 
  • A mock designer is essential because UX/UI testing is so important. 
  • Resolving problems with your designs.


Why do you need a Mock Designer?


In the digital age, everything is done through software; the only thing we don’t know is how the designs of our software will work in practice; the idea of developing new things or for specific needs has vanished. If you are unsure of how your design will work, you can always ask someone else to test it, if not, you can use mock partners to test your idea and ensure that it functions properly- they will act as your clients, respond to your designs, and provide you with feedback and using mock partners is one of the best ways to ensure that your designs work successfully for users.


Different Types of Mockups in Designing


Depending on the scenario or scenarios you want to test your design in, you can utilize a variety of mockups, you can use a paper mockup, a plastic canvas mockup, a screen mockup, and a product mockup: Paper mockups are the most popular type used by product designers to test their concepts on paper- when developing a new product, you start by designing paper mockups, they help you visualize how your product will look when it is being used- these are the situations where paper mockups are suitable.  


The only difference between a digital mockup and a paper mockup is that the latter is created using digital software: Plastic canvas mockups are used to test your designs in a real-world environment- use a soft or hard surface to create a plastic canvas mockup. You can develop and test your product on the plastic canvas, and mockups for screens are meant to depict actual circumstances- they are manufactured with exact measurements to guarantee that your design appears well on a screen and in the design industry, mockups of screens are widely used and are aimed at product designers.

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