What to know about the various bonuses provided by online casinos?

Online gambling is rising everywhere, and the number of people joining these websites keeps on increasing with time. There are several reasons for this increase in the users of online casinos. The ease of use and convenience is the primary factor. However, the players are joining with the hope of earning more considering all the bonuses offered by the casinos. You could find several bonuses in each online casino. These bonuses would be their primary tool of advertisement to attract new players. Some bonuses would be to motivate the players to play more, while some will be rewarding the players for their loyalty. However, you can find at least a few offerings in every เกมส์สล็อต website. In this article, let us discuss some of these bonuses or rewards given by online casinos in brief. 

Bonuses in online casinos

Welcome bonus

This bonus will focus on the newbie players joining the casino for the first time. There will be a fixed size of a certain proportion of the deposits made by the players to be given as bonuses to them. 


You would have heard this term everywhere. Cashback is a portion of the money you spent on something getting back to you. In casinos, cashback refers to the process of the return of lost money to the player himself by the casino house. For example, let us think that you are losing four games in a row and have lost $200 in the process. You will be worried about the losses and may consider stopping your games for the day and leave. However, casinos will not love to let you stop playing. So, the casino house will give you $20 or something as a cashback to motivate you. 

Free spins

You would have seen some promotional campaigns of online casinos having this term of free spins. A free spin is nothing but a spin allowed on a slot machine without asking you to pay any bets. Usually, there will be a minimum requirement of a bet to play a slot game. However, if you are being loyal to the casino and continuing to deposit huge sums for a long period, it will let you have a free trial on a slot machine. Let us assume that you have got a Jackpot during such a free spin. The entire amount would be yours, and you can take it. 

Regular bonus

Casinos will always tend to attract more customers and retain existing customers. So, they should do something special for the players who are playing for a long time in the same casino. Hence, they offer regular bonuses on a time frame. For instance, you could find a casino offering bonuses weekly and some other casino offerings every month. You could not expect the provision or size of these bonuses. A casino could choose not to provide such bonuses also. However, some casinos will consider providing additional rewards during festivals and holiday times. 

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