A Moving Guide for People Planning to Live In San Francisco

What we see in movies and series makes us believe it about a particular place. However, the reality is always going to be different than what we expect. The same goes with a place like San Francisco where you will see a different picture of that place. Here in this article, we will write about the pros and cons of that place.

San Francisco is one of the largest cities in the northern part of the state and facing the Bay. It is said to be the 2nd most densely populated city. It has around 4.6 million people living here and is said to be a huge metropolitan area. People who are moving to this new city, would not have to worry about shipping their belongings and especially your owned vehicles. You have Ship a Car, Inc. to help you with this. They are the best San Francisco, California auto transport services having around 30 years of experience in this industry.

Pros of moving to San Francisco:

  1. Climate: Year-round you will see a warm climate in this city. Sometimes you might see cold winds and fog too, but there is nothing like humidity or unbearable heat here which makes it uncomfortable for many.  
  2. Improving Economy: If you talk about the cost of living here, it is very expensive but people here also earn more. The GDP of this state was the third-largest in the country with an estimate of around $907 billion.
  3. Job market: The job market of this city is growing every year. You will see an annual growth rate in jobs by 3% every year. The main focus of jobs will come from the service industry, tourism, and technology. A large chunk of the population is working in the education, government, trade, business services, healthcare, and leisure services. 
  4. Better growing opportunities: As mentioned above, the job rates are growing every year and you will see that the unemployment rate is always lower here (around 2.1% only). No one can stop you here from growing professionally.
  5. Walkability: Though San Francisco is a big city, people prefer to walk here rather than spending time in traffic jams. You will also find 4 such neighborhoods which were walkable enough for you to reach.
  6. Outdoor opportunities: When it comes to spending time outdoors, this city will not disappoint you. You can enjoy water sports activities like swimming, surfing, sailing and many other games that you can play on the beach. There are also other activities like hiking, climbing, cycling in the mountains which you can enjoy doing.
  7. Food: For a foodie, this city has to offer you a variety of dishes to enjoy. There are around 39 different restaurants which are having around 10,000 different household dishes which are very difficult to be tried even after many years. Also, to add to these dishes, many bakeries offer mouth-watering croissants or buns, which are difficult to be ignored.

When it comes to art and culture, this city has a lot to offer. You will find many renowned museums and a good collection of arts and paintings. Also, there is much to offer for music lovers too. 


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