Easy Tips For A Safe Skijoring Activity With Your Dog

Even though it involves dogs and snow, there is one skiing sport that requires serious preparation. This hybrid activity, which combines skiing with jogging and horseback riding, has gained popularity in recent years because it’s a challenging way to get outside and enjoy the winter with your dog.


However, this unusual combination of activities also makes this skiing type a risky venture for both you and your pet. When you’re ready to take things to the next level in skiing, there are some precautions you should have in place before stepping into the arena. These tips will help keep you and your canine friends safe while exploring this exciting new pastime as a pair.


Make Sure Your Dog Is Healthy Enough To Skijor


Before you even venture out with your dog for Skijoring, you’ll want to check their health to make sure they are suitable for the activity. If you have a senior dog, a breed with joint issues, or a pet who is overweight, then it might be best to hold off on this skiing sport until they are healthy enough to participate.


While this skiing sport can be done with dogs of any age and breed, the added weight of a human on the back of a canine might cause injury to their joints, especially if they are underweight or overweight. If your dog receives medication for any of these conditions, talk to your veterinarian about adjusting the dosages for an increased activity to avoid an overdose.


Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment


There are a few essential pieces of equipment you’ll need before you hit the trail for skiing with your dog. Make sure that your dog has a proper skiing harness.


These harnesses are designed to be fitted for a dog’s size and weight, and they’re made to be more comfortable for your pet than a standard collar and leash would be. Make sure the harness has a safety breakaway clip in case your furry friend becomes entangled in your skis or gets caught on something while you’re out.


Set A Meeting Point And Stick To It


When you’re new to this skiing sport, it’s a good idea to stick to a meeting point where your dog can stay tethered until you’re both ready to hit the trail. This will allow them to rest, stretch their legs, and relieve themselves until you’re ready to hit the trail.


It’s also a good idea to bring treats or toys to keep your dog occupied while you’re gearing up. Treats are always a great way to keep your dog engaged, especially if they’re excited to go out and run with you. 


Always Wear A Helmet For Safety


Remember, this skiing sport is a two-person activity, and your dog is a person too. So always make sure you’re wearing a helmet when you’re out with your pooch. Whether you’re skiing with a friend or your dog is hauling you on a skiing adventure, you can’t be too careful when sharing the trail.


And while helmets are a great way to protect yourself while skiing, they aren’t designed to protect you from the tugging of a dog pulling you at high speeds. So if you want to be extra safe, you could also invest in the best skiing harness!

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