Growing in Faith and Intimacy with God Through Christian Life Coaching

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Have you ever felt like there was something more that you were meant to do in life? While the feeling of uncertainty can be intimidating, it could also be a sign from God that He is calling you to take action. Being aware of the signs that God is calling us to do something can help us make decisions about our lives with confidence and purpose. Here are five signs that signs god is calling you to do something you to do something amazing. 

1. You’re Feeling Urged To Take Action – It’s common for people who feel called by God to experience a strong urge or pull towards action. This often comes in the form of an inner voice or a vivid dream. If you find yourself feeling strongly urged to take a particular course of action, it may be a sign that God is trying to direct you on your path. 

2. You Have A Sense Of Peace – Another sign that God might be calling you to do something is if, when thinking about taking action, you have a sense of peace and clarity. If the idea of doing something brings a sense of comfort or assurance, then it could be an indication that this is what God wants for your life right now. 

3. Your Passion Is Growing – When we feel passionate about something and the desire for it grows over time, it’s usually because our passions are in alignment with what we are being called by God to do in our lives. If your passion for certain activities, ideas, or causes has been growing steadily over time, it’s likely because this is an area where God wants you to focus more attention and energy on moving forward. 

4. Divine Timing Is Present – We all know how difficult it can sometimes be trying to figure out when the right time for something is. However, if things seem to be falling into place at just the right moments and everything seems timed perfectly, this could very well be a sign from above letting us know that now is the perfect time for us to pursue whatever goal we have set out before us. 

5. People Around You Are Supporting You – Everyone needs support on their journey through life; however, if people around you are consistently showing up with words of affirmation and encouragement at just the right moments, then this could certainly serve as a sign from above letting you know that He too supports your efforts and wants what’s best for your future endeavors!  

When trying to determine whether or not we should take action on something new in our lives, many times we don’t have all the answers we need in order to make an informed decision-that’s why we need guidance from above! By being aware of these five signs—feeling urged to take action, having a sense of peace when thinking about taking action, having increasing passion for certain activities/causes/ideas over time, noticing divine timing present in our lives as well as supportive people around us—we can confidently move forward knowing that God has our back!

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