How to Become a Lawyer in Simple Steps

Do you want to be a lawyer? You’re not alone. Every year, thousands of students graduate from college with the hope of attending law school and becoming lawyers. The problem is, becoming a lawyer is no easy feat. In addition to getting a bachelor’s degree, you also have to attend law school and pass the bar exam.

The process of becoming a Jeremy Schulman lawyer is long and difficult, but it is certainly doable with hard work and dedication. If you’re up for the challenge, here are some steps you can take to become a lawyer.

1. Get a Bachelor’s Degree

The first step to becoming a lawyer is to get a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. While you can technically major in any subject you want, it is advisable to major in something that will better prepare you for law schools, such as history or political science.

2. Take the LSATs

After you graduate from college, you will need to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). The LSATs are notoriously difficult, so it is important to start preparing for them early on. There are many different ways to prepare for the LSATs, including taking an LSAT prep course or self-studying with an LSAT prep book.

3. Apply to Law Schools

Once you have taken the LSATs, it’s time to apply to law schools. The schools you apply to will largely depend on your LSAT score; if your score is high enough, you can apply to top-tier schools. However, even if your score isn’t as high as you would like, there are still many good schools that will accept you.

4. Attend Law School

If you are accepted into law school, congratulations! The next step is to attend and complete your JD degree. Law school typically takes three years to complete, although some students may choose to take an extra year or two if they want to specialize in a particular area of law.

5. Pass the Bar Exam

After you graduate from law school, the final step is to pass the bar exam in the state where you want to practice law. The bar exam is notoriously difficult, so it is important to start studying early and give yourself plenty of time to prepare.

6. Find a Job

Once you have passed the bar exam, congratulations! You are now officially a lawyer and can begin practicing law in your chosen state. The next step is to find a job; many lawyers choose to work at law firms, although there are many other options available as well (such as working as in-house counsel for a corporation).

7. Start Your Own Firm

If working at a traditional law firm isn’t your cup of tea, another option is to start your own firm. This option certainly has its challenges (such as finding clients), but it also has its rewards (such as being your own boss).

8. Work as a Solo Practitioner

If starting your own firm sounds like too much work, another option is to work as a solo practitioner—essentially working for yourself without any employees. This option has its perks (such as having flexible hours), but it also has its challenges (such as having difficulty attracting clients).


No matter which path you choose, becoming a lawyer takes hard work and dedication—but it can certainly be done with these few simple steps!

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