Improve Your Bathroom Experience with an Electric Shower

An electric shower is a type of shower in which water is heated by an electric element. They are popular in countries where mains water pressure is low, or where there is a high demand for hot water. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to get the best performance from your electric shower.

1. Check the water pressure before you buy an electric shower

2. Make sure that the electric shower is properly earthed. 

3. When installing an electric shower, use a water-resistant cable such asNYY-J or XYY-J. 

4. Do not use an extensions cable with an electric shower

5. Use a suitable fuse for the shower (usually 13A). 

6. If the power cuts out while you are using the shower, don’t try to restart it until the power has been restored for at least 5 minutes. 

7. Always switch off the electricity supply before carrying out any maintenance on your shower. 

8. Descaling an electric shower is different from descaling a kettle or coffee maker. Soak the head of the shower in vinegar for about 30 minutesbefore rinsing it thoroughly with clean water. You should descale your shower every 3 to 6 months to keep it working efficiently.

9. If your electric shower is not working properly, try these trouble shooting tips: 

-Check that the fuse has not blown and that there is power to the socket. 

-If there is power to the socket, check that the knob onthe back of the unit is turned to ‘on’ position.-Make sure that all connections are secure and that thereare no bare wires showing.-Check that the flow control valve is open.-If none of these tips solve the problem, contact amanufacturer’s customer service department for assistance.-Never attempt to repair an electric shower yourself–always contact a qualified engineer.”

10. Never use an electric toothbrush in an electrically powered shower since this could damage both the toothbrush and the shower.”

11. Be aware that some people are allergic toDescaling solutions so if you have any concerns please consult your GP.”

12.”If you have any questions about installation, please consult a qualified engineer.”

Conclusion: These are just a few tips on how to get optimal performance from your electric shower! By following these guidelines, you can ensure thatyou get years of enjoyment from your purchase!

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