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A journey is an action movement from one geographical location to another. There are different transportation modes such as the land ways, water ways and air ways. In land ways, you can travel in two-wheeler, four-wheeler, and buses and in trains. To make your trip a successful one, you need to have the right information about travelling.

In Austria, the Obb Corporation is one of the largest corporations responsible for the function of Austria railways. You can get all the öbb fahrplanauskunft about the train timings and stations on our obb web page. There are more than a hundred stations data and facts available on our site.


The obb works as the “Austria Federal Railways”. It is a stock holding company that is responsible for maintaining and providing all the right data regarding the stations. You can find the schedules of each train, the station and other stations all at one place in our web page.

You can find information on tickets, routes, high-speed trains, intercity trains, all night trains, rail fares and the complete öbb fahrplanauskunft in from our obb company. Moreover, you can also get the information of the other railway companies along with the train schedules and its stations.

Our obb company supports as a backbone to the Austria Federal railways. We help the passengers to make a plan beforehand for their trip. To make your trip a safe one, do know about all the data and information about your travel. There are so many relevant answers to your trip that our web page can provide you.

You need to visit our web page and search for your train or bus timings, station and stops. They have the öbb fahrplanauskunft about the train and its station that can help you know about the arrival and departure of the trains from the stations. For bus services, you can also collect information on our web page.

For the transportation of goods, there is a different department that looks after them. The transport options are available for luggage as well. You have to go the obb site and search for the detailed information of the valid tariffs and prices. It will help you know about the fares and book your tickets for your journey. The arrival and departure of the trains and bus sometimes gets changed.

You can search for the current arrival and departure of your train or bus on this site as well. Moreover, if you have already booked for your travel, you will get the details in form of mail and messages on your mobile phone. In this, way the öbb fahrplanauskunft of your train gets shared and is always available with you.

These information and data can be obtained all from the internet services but you will get the right information only on our web page. Buying tickets to confirming of your tickets is all done by the obb company. It marks your safety and plans your journey to be quiet and peaceful.

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