What services are to be done to ensure justice to your loved ones?

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A very nice custom during funerals is candles organized by each family member and/or friend of the deceased person. They symbolize light and help put off sadness which may appear if you’re thinking about all the bad things that happened to you in your life or when leaving someone close to your heart. 

This tradition dates back far into history – people used to place candles on gravestones so they could guide dead souls through the dark worlds they’re now living in.

Everyone who’s about to attend a funeral service should know that usually, people cry, shake hands for comfort and share their feelings. 

You may also wear black clothes – it is not forbidden, so do not worry if you are not religious and have never been a member of any Christian community before. The most important thing is to show your respect and love towards the dead person and their relatives.Cemetery plaques are also an essential component of the service. 

The service

Funeral service (or ceremony) is organized by family members or friends of the deceased man or woman. It happens after the patient has left us physically but remains alive inside our memories forever. 

This event can be very complicated because we have to go through a mourning period and take care of all the things that need to be done. The first thing is to make sure you will not forget anything – this could be difficult, so it would be good to organize everything with your family members and friends before the patient has passed away.

The next decision is when it should happen? 

People say that sooner, or later a ceremony must definitely occur. Nowadays, it usually takes place on day 7 after death but in some cases may vary from country to country depending on religious beliefs (for example, Muslims do not hold any ceremonies).

It is highly recommended for relatives and close people who know the deceased person well and wear black clothes with badges of mourning (a piece of red linen placed over the heart). In addition, it is likely to carry a small tablet on which you’ve imprinted your last words to the deceased person.

However, it should be said that nowadays, all people who want can participate in funeral services of their own friends or relatives – this rule is not always followed as some religions (for example, Islam) do not allow such practice. 

For every participant to feel comfortable, there are no more than three rules! Everyone goes by themselves when they arrive and leave at will, and if someone feels uncomfortable during the ceremony, they can stay outside. There is also an option of inviting non-relatives, but this 6. decision also depends on religious beliefs. 

As already mentioned before, the mourning period starts from the moment of death. It is a time when you are allowed to cry and feel pain because the loved person is no longer with us but soon comes to an end as it must be replaced with peace and calm. 

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