Why บาคาร่า Should Be Your All Time Casino Game?

If anyone would ever ask me which is the best casino game, especially for someone new in the gambling world, I would always recommend บาคาร่า to them. You will want to know the reasons behind this claim of mine, so let’s look at some of the reasons for the same. 

1) An easy game- Each casino game has some sets of rules to play with; some are easy and some are complicated. Most people consider slots to be an easy casino game; however, บาคาร่า is often an overlooked game in this category. In บาคาร่าall you need is to raise a stake on any of the three options (dealer hand, player hand or tie) and rest the dealer will manage. The two easy versions of this card game are midi or mini บาคาร่า.

2) Easy Strategy- บาคาร่า is not only an easy game to play but also employs simple strategy. It employs only three betting options, namely the dealer hand, the player hand and a tie. It is recommended to raise the stake on the dealer’s hand as it has the highest odds of winning. One point to remember is that when you place a bet on the dealer’s hand, then you need to pay a commission of 5% of your winning bet. This may seem a huge amount but trust me it is the best option. 

3 – It is an easy and widely available game- บาคาร่า is a game that is available in most of the land casinos and also in many online casino platforms. However, the best online casino platform to play บาคาร่า is Gclub Platinum. It is one of the most trusted, reliable, secured and fast online casino platform to play this amazing card game.

4) It has a low house edge- As compared to the majority of casino games, บาคาร่า offers a low house edge. The house edge of the games are

Baccarat Banker Bet has a 06% house edge

Baccarat Player Bet has a 24% house edge

Blackjack has a 0.25% to 2% house edge

Craps has a 36% to 13.9% house edge

Roulette has a 5.3% to 7% house edge

Slot Machines has a 3% to 13% house edge

Video Poker has a 0.25% to 5% house edge

This means that if you are looking for a casino game with a low house edge without worrying about planing a complicated strategy or waiting for the perfect choice then บาคาร่า should be your choice.

5) Better online casino opportunities- บาคาร่า offers one of the best online casino opportunities and bonuses. When you decide to play บาคาร่า on Gclub platinum, they offer various and unlimited promotions and bonuses that proves beneficial to the players in the longer run.

So, if you are confused and looking out for the interesting and promising game to play in the casino, then บาคาร่า should be your first choice. As mentioned above, they offer enough reasons to be your most played casino game whether in a land casino or any online casino platform. 

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