The Delight in placing a bet

Sports and games give people an aesthetic feel. It allows them to express their emotions like fierce, disappointment, victory and so on. Whenever sports enthusiasts indulge in the world of sports, it gives them an escape from real-world troubles. But, when and where did this act of placing a bet originate?

Gambling and bet:

Everyone’s view varies, setting an example of a horse race, one might think, the horse name Polo would win the race as it holds a record in the past. Another man might suspect that the horse named Eclipse would win due to its young age and stamina. 

A quarrel would arise between the two defending each other’s choice. The extreme level of showing it ends up in placing bets. The one whose assumptions proves to be true wins over the other along with the money or thing that he left at stake. 

References from the past:

The Hindu epics like Mahabharata led to the popularity of gambling amidst the ancient Indians to a great extent. There were also oppositions to it through the text in Arthashastra.  Other religions like Judaism and Islam considered gambling as a sin and took steps to forbid it. Whereas, few Christian denominations accepted that gambling can be fair as it provides a chance for anyone to win the game. While some Christian denominations opposed it. 

Games to bet:

There are many real-world and online betting games available today. Non-Casino games like cards, coin-tossing, dice-based are played with or without placing bets even by children. 

Casino games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Big six wheel are played at casinos or even in parties or school competitions using machines that simulate betting. 

Gaming machines:

To take gambling to a different level, betting machines have been constructed engagingly to attract players. Gambling machines like Pachinko, Video Poker, Slot machines are great means of entertainment. 

Law vs gambling:

Various countries across the globe like The United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Spain, France, Thailand and China have regulated gambling rules. Whereas, in a country like India, it is permitted only in few places. Online gambling is in its infancy and hence needs more attention to regulate special laws to it. 

Gambling in sports vs Casino games:

Being a sports enthusiast, you would very well know about your favourite player or team or league, an estimation would lead you to benefit financially by placing your bet. Whereas, in casino games, victory showers on a person who is having his lady luck by his side at the particular moment. Tastes vary among people; hence a wide variety of options are available to be tried on.  

Influence of the internet:

When bars, parties and even competitions provide an arena to bet and play games, sitting on the couch and placing bets is also a different kind of experience. Online platforms like Betclic, provide numerous online casino games, lottery, and sports with live streaming to engage the bettors all across the globe at the comfort of their home. Place your feet on this world to know which game creates hype in you.

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